Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a conversation

Girl: I miss this converstion
Boy: if u mis d conversation den u must mis also d 1 u converse w/….
Girl: dont u mis me?
Boy: wat dyu tink?
Girl: you tell me. i tot u read minds
Boy: wat i read is not as accurate as wat u will tell me
Girl: why dont u try
Boy: what if I kissed u the night we went out, what would you have felt?
Girl: I don’t know what will I feel, you didn’t try it anyway
Boy: so, u want me to try?
Girl: it’s not important. That was long time ago
Boy: you’re avoiding the topic?
Girl. No, im answering your questions. Aren’t you satisfied
Boy: wen sumbody say's "it's not important" chances are it is important. you agree?
Girl: no. why they say it when they mean the other way
Boy: i don't know, you tell me?
Girl: it just makes things complicated if u mean the other way
Boy: yeah i guess your right.
Boy: i think sumhow u wer "kinda" expecting dat i'd take advantage.
Girl: i dont. harmless ka naman eh

Saturday, October 25, 2008

night in rodante

After work, ill meet my friend to give the documents I printed. While waiting for her, I decided to check on the décor section of the department store hoping to buy décor (obviously) in our house. After looking and checking their display, I decided not to buy any for I don’t want to have baggage carrying (haaayyyzzzz, ano bay an!).

I’ve read Nicholas Sparks writings. I’ve seen the movie versions also. That’s why when I saw the banner of Night in Rodante that stars Richard Gere, I immediately tagged my friend to watch the movie. Since my head ache also, I thought watching a movie might relax my mind and body.

I was bored at the first part of the story. And since it’s says “it’s never too late for second chance” I thought they were couple, husband and wife.

I knew it, when I saw Mark (son of Paul –R.Gere) at the doorstep. But what to do you expect with Nicholas Sparks novel, they are not happy ending. (oh yes, The Notebook and The Wedding ends happily).

Oh well, I was teary eye. “When you found your true love, you’ve got to hold on it. And it should bring the best of you not the less of you”

Hayyzzz, when will I be fall in love?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

donyang katulong

I woke up early
And I thought of cleaning the house. And I did.
After cleaning the house, lola, cousins and tita’s came in for a visit.
The house is a mess again. Few minutes later, they said bye bye.
So, I clean the house again.
When it’s clean, neighbors came in to help us hang the paintings.
Little cousins came in to play with prince.
The house is a mess again.
After they put the paintings in our wall, I asked my little cousins to
Help me clean the house.

o dibah! and this little cousins of mine are even wearing make up
i hope the DSWD and Bantay Bata wouldnt apprehend me. hehehe. they would be now my official donya katulong. hahahahha

when they finished cleaning up, pinakain ko ng

Monday, October 13, 2008

in the silence of my heart

In the silence of my heart I'd listen to my spirit so freely.
It's when my eyes begin to see the old memories so visibly.
In the silence of my heart I could feel my soul so strongly.
In the strong sense of it I recognize the weaknesses of me.

In the silence of my heart stuffs have different meanings.
I'd then realize that I greet in contempt the better things.
In the silence of my heart I can always visit the younger me.
I could honestly tell the far distance between myself and me.

In the silence of my heart I can cry so loud like a tiny babe.
And taste the sweetness of freedom so desired by any slave.
In the silence of my heart on me power and wisdom fall down.
And it transforms my meekness and idiocy into blocks to step on.

In the silence of my heart my many failures would disturb me.
To understand that I am to do better and persistent I must be.
In the silence of my heart my big successes would humble me.
To accept that however the height I fly gravity would pull me.

In the silence of my heart I could rebuke and correct myself.
I can tell me sharp, hurtful words but never will I get upset.
In the silence of my heart I have envisioned the future me.
To meet him finally journey must begin now and so shall it be.

In the stillness of my mind faith overwhelms all my worries.
Be it tribulation or test, no burden is too heavy to carry.
In the quiet of myself unease and hubbub of life is uncovered.
It tells me to be inert at the right time shall effect better.

In the peace of my spirit there is nothing I can fret about.
In the worst of my circumstances seeds of solution will sprout.
In the silence of my heart I acknowledge my conflict with God.
So I am broken, to realize that in such silence nobody is so bad.

Friday, October 10, 2008

if only

He steps out of our house and leave. I vividly remember how I hold my breath; I wanted to run, hoping to stop him. I wanted to shout his name and beg him not to leave me. Yet, I was contented on seeing him walking out of my life. I love him, but he did not hear any words from me. I love him, but I’m afraid to fight for the feeling. I love him buts and buts just prohibits me from telling it to him.

Each days passed by,
His presence and his voice I longed.
Memories I can’t escape.

Three years had passed. I did not hear anything from him. No calls, no messages, no news, no stories.

One day, as I was mingling with friends, I heard a familiar voice. A voice I could never, in my entire life, would even put behind. My heart then starts to beat fast. It couldn’t be him!? I silently asked myself. Nervous, I roam my eyes around and look back but I was disappointed to see no one. I probably missed him.

If only I reciprocate the feeling, could I be busy planning our wedding?
If only,
Now, it’s too late.
It’s too late.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It’s only after I graduated from college that I appreciate riding a jeep. Why not? I mean, of course, I have no extra allowance for the taxi unlike during school days, everything is provided by my parents.

Riding a jeep gives me an opportunity to mingle with others. Somehow, I believe it helps me become a strong person. (sus, wala lang perang pang taxi, actually!)What I hate is riding a city bus. Duh! I had a funny experience with a city bus, ill tell you on my next post ang katangahan ko.

What I don’t understand on why some passengers prefer to be sabit than cozy inside
Like, awhile ago, three men rode the jeep. 2 of them went inside to be seated, while the one mama said “sabit na lang ako”. The driver and his collector (parang conductor nya) heard him, and they responds “may space pa para upuan mo, kung ayaw mong umupo bumaba kana lang”

Ang taray ni kuya! Sabagay may point sila. You are paying the same fare as that of others sitting comfortable inside why settle outside at sumabit, nakakangawit pa..

Thursday, October 2, 2008

patience is a virtue

It’s holiday yesterday. So what do you expect? No, I didn’t go to work for overtime. Oh please, spare me your mercy…….!!!

I asked my friend to accompany me to home depot located at balintawak. Funny, it’s her first time to be in that place. But on the other hand, I haven’t also been to other places of metro city. I haven’t been to malabon and Paranaque. Considering, she’s from the southern part, yeah I guess it isn’t odd afterall.

We take pleasure in looking all kinds of brands uses at home, from tiles to vinyl, to wood, from faucet to mirrors. I love the feeling of buying all the stuffs and decorating your home. I get to exposed from the most expensive to the cheapest. What I hate is paying all the bills I purchased. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

When we finished buying all the materials we need, I headed to the cashier present my credit card to pay. Then the cashier asks for my valid id at the same time pointed on the karatula saying something like “to all credit card holders, please present your valid id for verification. We are sorry for the inconveniences”. What!? I don’t have ID here, if you want I can present another credit card, atm card, a membership card but not (valid)ID. I don’t bring IDs. Wala namang magawa ang cashier, so instead she asked for any card I have. Hayyyyyy…inconvenience nga. After paying, we went to the releasing area where they would release what we had purchased. It took them awhile before they gave our stuff, medyo nainip na ang friend ko, so I told her, girl, patience is a virtue.

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