Wednesday, December 31, 2008

farewell 2008!

goodbye to you.
you have a special part in my heart. because of you i became more strong woman with sense and sensibility.
i am not perfect (nobody's perfect ain't right?). yes, i must admit i didn't try harder to be as calm, as kind-hearted, as patience as i could.
no one to blame to, afterall i make my own choices and my own decisions.
but i do not regret anything in my life. all my experiences teaches me one way or another how to deal with life and its surroundings.

i know people misunderstood me. many believe that i'm a witch and a bitch. i do get hurt when they stab me. very often i show my sentiment, only to people very dear to my heart.they may see me emotionless, regard me like the stone in the desert, very stiff and hard, but i love you still, i love them all.

im so sorry for all the hurtful words.
im so sorry for taking advantage of your weaknesses.
i asked your blessings as i face the new year, new season of my life.

farewell 2008! thank you.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

finding long lost friend(?)

o dibah, you havent seen them for 10 years, but thanks to friendster i was able to connect with my old friends and classmates

its exciting.
seeing them again. its an opportunity to open the communication and establish a new friendship.

though, it also gives me a heart pounding, heart breaking moment since i will now know the updates on their status. damn! is it hurting? hahahaha....i question now why?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

wishlist ko

Christmas is so near nah.
im still thinking on what would be my gift to myself.
since i haven't decided on that yet, i have here a list of the gifts i want to receive this Christmas. (In case friends would read this and my boss(es) too, hindi na kayo mahihirapan mag-isip kung ano gusto ko)

no 1 and very important to my list is a - T700 sony digicam (yung pink ah, pero pwede na rin kahit anong kulay). i really wanted to join the nuffnang contest dati kaso wala akong maisip na i-post eh. sayang ung cam!

the following list are in random orders na.
2. roundtrip to boracay or to bangkok
3. iphone
4. havainnas slipper (kindly ilagay receipt in case gusto ko papalit ang kulay or design)
4. lacoste shirt w/ collar (also pakilagay receipt in case gusto ko papalit kulay)
5. nike jogging pants / and or shirt (for my gym outfit)
6. nike rubber shoes
7. home decor (vases, curtain, bed and pillowssss)
8. portable dvd
9. bvlgari perfume
10. shirt for my dog
11. travel bag
12. armani pants
13. aircon (kahit 2hp lang)
14. gift certificate sa animal house (mahal kasi ng maintenance ng baby ko eh..heheheh)

salamat in advance! A blessed day to you! :-)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

round eight!

as i open the net
as the telecast is yet to start on tv
it's already known
dela hoya gave up
on round eight
just as before of course round 9 starts



oh well,
dela hoya you will always be the golde boy naman eh!
tignan mo nga....gwapo ka pa rin naman eh

work with me

did i just woke up? even in my dreams, balancing this numbers
disturb me. hayyyzzzz

its weekend, usually i 'll leave office as early as office hour ends. give me a break c'on! after working the whole week days my mind and body deserves a rest.

and so i thought.

all my officemates left.
i stayed.
i want to finish this.

type, write, calculate, record.....its getting nearer. i can sense it. im almost enter then

damn it!
its negative.
it should not be like that.
something is wrong!!!!????

i want to go home!!!!
i miss my baby

Thursday, December 4, 2008

past vast fast

ang bilis dumaan ng araw. ilang tulog na lang, pasko na!
sa dami ng ginagawa sa opisina, at sa ibang extra curricular activity minsan hindi ko na namamalayan ang oras.

kapag nasa opisina ako, sa sobrang tutok sa work dahil naghahabol ng deadline hindi na ako tumitingin sa orasan. kapag naririnig ko ng kumukurog ang tiyan ko, un na ang senyales ko na "hey girl, lunch break ka muna its past 12 nah"
buwan ng december na ata ng pinaka toxic na buwan para sa akin.
ang daming dapat ipasa, daming dapat tapusin, daming dapat asikasuhin.
pero mahaba ang bakasyon ngayon, sarap matulog ng mahaba. sarap i-pamper ng katawan ko..un ay kung may bakasyon ako. mukhang kahit holiday papasukin ko para mahabol ko deadline...hayyyzzzz

may ilang dinner na sinet naming magkakaibigan ang aking hindi sinipot. pero dahil sa pag aabsent ko, may penalty na ako.

ganunpaman, gustong gusto kong madami akong ginagawa. para hindi ako mabor sympre.
tsaka para naman may silbi ang presensya ko noh.

buti na lang nagkaron ako ng oras para magsulat kahit na gusto ko ng humiga at matulog

cant believe that year 2008 is coming to an end.
excited na ako sa pagdating ng 2009!

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