Wednesday, July 29, 2009

kailangan lang ng break

this past few days i've been very busy doing office work and organizing an event. and that situation inhibit me from doing my usual life routine - gym, movies, dining out, coffee, family, friends. so when friends and family asked me "why are you not responding to my text messages, have you received any" "aren't you coming home?" my one and only answer i give them is that "i'm busy"

im busy,,,,
i just wanted to be alone and think and ponder....
and when im back to my self ill be home soon....

busy for what? i sometimes question myself. i believe that there is time for everything. and time God has given us should be used fruitfully and accordingly. then why am i acting as if i don't know that.

or is it just an excuse to put behind some worries and focused on what makes you feel good or what makes you at a distance. that there's so much going on in your mind that cannot handle another burn out. or is it an excuse to hide your weaknesses? another task is in your hand that you are anxious you might not be an efficient leader.

"whats our plan? arent we supposed to do this? we need an activity." i recall telling this to my brother in christ, now that they have offered me to lead parang natakot ako sa responsibilidad. this are houses to build, kids to teach, and a community to recreate.

on saturday would be our first activity. we will paint the wall and play with the kids, i am excited but my heart still beat in a high-speed.

"my child, it's not your duty to change the world. you are my instrument, just plant and plant and continue to plant the faith....and i'll do the rest" i hear you Lord.

sabi nga sa commercial ni pareng robin padilla, kailangan lang ng break para mapansin. haiisttt..tugma ba?

Monday, July 6, 2009

princess diary

Women are special.

They long to be loved,
they long to be romanced,
they long to be rescued,
they long to be pursued,
they long to be beautiful,
and they long to be needed

I am a woman

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