Monday, December 31, 2007

just around the corner

christmas day is over. but buying round shape fruits, smirnoff vodka, noodles, pork, beef (no chicken allowed) for the new year's eve is just starting. yesterday after going to the gym i thought of dropping by the supermarket. long lines in the cashier is inexplicable so theres no room for inpatience. i only bought some items needed and ill just go the nearest supermarket for additional items early morning tomorrow.

dec. 31
now, ill just stay at home to clean my room and wash my clothes. later, ill prepare our dinner. last night i saw on the show "us girls" the customized shoes and bags. one of which has a botique located at trinoma mall. ill probably visit that tomorrow. i've checked on multiply site their stuff and gosh! i want to have one of those especially that customized hand painted shoes. i still dont have a gift for myself. im thinking of buying a shoes, a jewelry (tiffany bracelet) or a watch (fossil). its only proper to treat myself, after a one year of hardwork i think i deserve that.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

going home with snowy

at a last minute i decided to spend my christmas at the province. and of course i brought my dog with me. i can't afford to leave her alone at home during this special occassion. i thought i would have a hard time to travel her, but she was so quiet. she just sat down on my lap all the time.

on our way, we met people who were scared of her but mostly they adore her. how could you resist touching her soft fur and staring her round bright brown eyes...
snowy is my baby. she brought a new life to enjoy.
since we arrived at our grandmother's house, snowy doesnt want to be left alone. and so, i brought her with me wherever i go. except when i attended the midnight mass. i just cant bring her. she might get bored. hahahahah.
and of course that night, when all the lights off, just as we usually do in my bed, she sleeps besides me. we slept in a room where my tita grace and her 3months baby sleep too.
oh, snowy is a good girl. she knows when to be silent.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

cold wind blows

christmas celebration is the grandiest, longest, much awaited, expensive holiday celebration. i love buying gifts and receiving gifts too...but more than the material thing it brings, most importantly its the time wherein friends and old friends meet. family forgives. and street kids remembered.
christmas brings comfort, joy, love, faith and forgiveness.

it is also at this time i wish my mom is with us. it's more than five years now since we last hug each other. as much as i want to make christmas and other occassions happy and memorable, i just cant. i can still feel the emptiness in my heart.

i am no kid at all. in fact im in my late 20's but my mom is my bestfriend. i remember when i was still in school, she'll wait outside whenever i go home. she prepares my food and medicines whenever im sick. she laugh to my joke. sometimes i even sleep besides her.
gosh!! im teary eye now...huhuhuhuhu.

i cant wait to see mom again. i'll tour her (and myself too!!!) to boracay, to bohol, to palawan and to alot of nice places here.

although i talk to my mom almost everyday. thanks to the technology. there's the cellphone and the internet. you can even see each other while talking.

oh God, hear my prayer. i hope i'll get a visa so i could visit my mom. oh please!!

so, few hours from now its christmas time.
my elder brother is in the province. mom is out of country as well as the youngest. so, three of us left at home. my dad, my one brother and me. how will we celebrate the christmas?

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