Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i was knocked down! @ kuya rey's bday party

kuya rey, the birthday boy. ela, ur drunk too, i know. and meeeehh!!! waaahhhh...am i drunk? how come i didnt know you took this picture? you should have told me so that i face the camera and smiled! wahahahah

do i look like, im drunk!? com on....

okei,,,okei,,,okei,,,yeah, i know. i am ware.

i cannot get up. i want too, because the night is still young. i still want to dance, i want to sing. but my mind and body do not agree.

i so it coming. i know ill burst it all. i tried to stop it but i just cant. in a split of second, i slowly open my mouth and heared an unpleasant sound. i rushed to the rest room, but it was too late. pieces of food were scattered. i was not contented with that, i reached the rest room, squat on the floor and face one on one with the toilet bowl. there, i felt comfortable. i heard voices outside worying if im okay. i heard the door opening. but didnt mind them all. i am doing fine, i know. and so, i vomit all until i feel so relief and ready to get up.

and so i thought.

i tried. i did. i get up, and open the door. but i see blurred pictures. i feel like everthing surrounds me dance from left to right and vice versa.

that's when i realized that i need to rest. that i need to sleep. hahahaha

finishing two (2) bottle of tequilla, huh! no doubt,
i will surely knocked down to bed..hehehhe

just wanna have fun

girls, they loves to sing! one mic is not enough, and cant get enough songs! the night is not yet over...

we call them kuya, our
big brothers because
of their sizes..hehehe

the next morning, i heard that most of us were actually drunk..heheheh..happy birthday kuya rey!

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