Friday, September 26, 2008

apu's side comment

Last Saturday we celebrated the birthday of my apu toring (my mom’s mother) the only lola I have now. Gosh, I don’t even know how old she is. If my mom is 50, probably my lola is 73, im guessing.

Very seldom I go home to province, so very seldom has I seen her. And I only stay for one day for I have some work to do at the metro city. sometimes I sleep with her, my way of showing i care. I am no lola’s pet, neither her favorite but it doesn’t matter. She’s my only apu left, and I want to spend some time with her whenever I can.

Back to the celebration, as soon as I arrived, I make mano and kiss my lola, tita’s and tito’s, then at once I grabbed a plate, spoon and fork and headed to where the food is waiting for me. I was so hungry what can I say. When I was putting food to my plate, my lola then said “you should get a husband and bear a baby” (oh my! I don’t even remember why and how the topic starts). My tito’s 2nd the motion. Oh nononon….i said. Im still young (oh well, I am at heart!! Hahahahah) of course ill bear a baby. Does only married woman allows giving birth I asked. My lola answered, even if your single you can have a baby. Precisely, I said. I can have a child even if no husband, is that okay with you apu? My apu replied “ yes, its alright just bear a baby. Hahahah. That surprise me though. Well, atleast I wont have a problem explaining to them if ever ill be in that situation. Hahahaha.

They say im getting older, but no, im enjoying my status. Im no party girl, I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke too, I do love going to places and meeting new faces. I enjoy the time and freedom I have. Time will come, you’ll see, please wait. Im not in a rush. If it will com, it’ll come sabi nga. ANO BAHHH!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

sa lahat

sa LAHAT ng naghanap, nakaalala, at nakalimot pasensya na po sa matagal kong pananahimik sa mundo ng blogging. sa kadahilanang ako'y tinatamad na buksan ang aking computer..hehehe..actually medyo nagkasakit po ako. sipon, ubo at lagnat.

miss ko rin kayong lahat!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Nowadays, , napaka bilis ng mag remitt ng pera. Kahit nasa ibang bansa, kapag pinadala sa pinas, isang araw lang matatanggap na. ganun kabilis. Very convenient din ang internet banking, in just one click bayad na bills mo, transfer na funds mo.

Sabi nga ng BPI – we’ll take you farther. Mula batanes hanggang jolo, America, Arabia, Canada man yan. Dadalhin ka niya. We find ways sigaw ng banco de oro. Dagat ay tatawirin maibigay lang ang pera mo. Dahil you’re in good hands sabi ng metrobank. Hindi ka raw nila pababayaan. Cause the’ye looking after you singit naman ng bank of commerce.

Pero bakit ganun, ng magwidraw ako sa atm, offline. lumipat ako sa kabilang bangko, uy okei, walang nakasulat na offline. Pinasok ko atm, pinindot ko pin#, at amount ng iwiwidraw, naghintay akong lumabas ang pera…wala..naghintay pa rin ako,….wala pa rin, cge hintay, di ko naman pwedeng pwersahin, so hintay pa rin…ng biglang…...”SORRY, WE CANNOT PROCESS YOUR TRANSACTION. PLEASE TRY AGAIN. Would you like to do another transaction?” dahil kailangan ko ng pera, pinasok ko ulit atm ko. Pero ganun pa rin, history repeat itself ika nga. .

so lipat ulit ako sa ibang bangko, offline na naman….hayyyzzzz….buhay atm nga naman. Balance inquiry lang may charge pa, mag widraw ka sa ibang bangko may charge pa. kapag minamalas, offline pa sila. Ano na nangyari sa pangako nyo!?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nuffnang in the country

saw the banner from fellow blogger that nuffnang has arrived in the philippines. ive been seeing their banner/ads from malaysian & singaporean blogger. and so i thought on when will the time timothy tiah (cofounder) would step his foot in our country. i guess need not to say more...they are in town! & i've joined their community now.

i always wanted to be a nuffnanger. i read kenny sia, timothy tiah site. ive seen videos and pictures of their projects and events. isnt it so awesome to be part of their community? not only you meet new faces, you gain friends as well. and one of its feauture that attracts me is their gliterati. if you are an exlusive nuffnang bloggers you'll have the priveledge to have an access to a loyalty program that no one can provide and one of them is you'll be a priority for their ads post selection.

so, what are you waiting for, come and join us and be a nuffnangers! just click register and within 48hours you will be one of us. and dont forger to upload the add unit to your site so people would know that your not just an ordinary blogger, but a nuffnanger. be it in friendster, blogspot,wordpress, they have an instructions on how to add the add unit to your html.

ill see you aroun then...! :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ang apat na koreano

sumakay ako ng jeep, ng mapansin ko ang apat na kalalakihan sa harapan ko. mga koreano. ng magsalita ang nasa harapan ko "isnt this a great eperience" ewan kung anong ibig nyang sabihin. pero nag isip ako. malamang first time nilang mag jeep kasi sabi nung mas matanda ang itsura sa kanilang lahat "no taxi, no taxi" at tumawa silang apat. o kaya first time mabasa sa ulan kasi mukhang tuwang tuwa talaga. ang saya saya ng mga mukha nila.

nagtanong ang isang lalaki (ung pinaka matanda ang itsura) sa katabi, "excuse me, you know where kowloon is?" sagot naman ni ale "on the right side, infront of starbucks" mukhang lalo atang naguluhan si pinaka matandang itsura sa kanila. kasi umiling sya sabay sabing "i dont know starbucks". ng magbayad na sila tinanong nung pinaka batang itsura sa kanila "how much is the fare" sabi ko 8:50pesos per head. "eight hundred fifty pesos?" ulit ni pinaka matanda ang itsura sa kanila....hayyyzzz,,,,,8pesos & 50 centavos ulit ko.

pero si pinaka matanda ang itsura sa kanila, hindi pa rin mapakali. lahat na ata ng sakay sa jeep tinanong kung malapit na ba kowloon, saan ang kowloon.
tapos sabi nya "where the former president house". medyo makulit sya ah. kasi si kuya na katabi ko sinabi na sa kanila na "ill let you know if we're in kowloon" tanong pa rin ng tanong si pinakamatanda ang itsura sa kanila. hayyyzzz.....

So, nakialam na ako.
"im going on the same direction as you are. ill show you the street where former president lives"
okei, okei sabay sabay nilang sabi.

so, ayun, sabay sabay kaming bumaba sa jeep.
siguro si kuya na pinakamatanda ang itsura sa kanila realized na nasa tamang lugar sya, tuwang tuwang sabi "right, right, this is it. thank you, thank you" "i live here" thank you, thank you"......

Saturday, September 6, 2008

oktoberfest siento biente

So we went to Oktoberfest siento biente. Got free tickets, sayang eh.

We walk in the air-conditioned tent. Free drinks (5), free food, and a stub for games.
The drink, was I think less alcohol (kasi hindi ko malasahan eh…duh! As if drinker!). well, that’s the way it should be, cause sometimes crowd is uncontrollable just like what happened last night in the general admission area (where the noise, the band, and of course Derek ramsey is in the house). We were not able to go within because the line is too long and they already blocked the gate prohibiting anyone to enter except of course for the production team which I’m not part of obviously. So, we went back to the tent. Oh yeah, why settle for the raucous if we can be comfortable at the marquee.

Inside, they’re giving t-shirt, cup, or a mug for all winners of a game (I want any of that!!!) so I gave the dart game a try.

And I won!!!! Yehey! And for my prize is a

My first time to attend the Oktoberfest……hihihihihihi…at least I have a souvenier. We even had an extra ticket (hindi dumating yung 1 friend ko) so what we did? We sell it for 500 pesos (well, the actual price is 1,500).

Friday, September 5, 2008

confession of a girl

it's not a girl thing (is it?), but i once did sent letters & gifts to a guy i had crush on. (sabi nila dahil onli daughter ako at nag aral sa xclusiv school kaya malakas loob ko....kaya?)
i was in first year then when i had a first glance with this boy. he was sitting in our terrace with his friends, waiting for my brother.

his eyes, his smile, his face...everything in it records in my mind and keep on playing in my heart. mr. cupid must have tricked me.
i'll even pay extra money for the tricycle driver just to take the long drive and pass by their house. during afternoon, me and friendship would go biking, and yes, you guess it right, we will pass by in their house hoping to see him.
whenever we sees each other, he would smile at me. ohhhh!! those smile, those smile makes my heart melt. after his smile, he would then add "where is your kuya?" ganun palagi, but what a heck, what is important is he smiled and talked to me.

they said first love never dies. siguro nga.

huh, why am i writing this? actually, at this hour, im thinking if i should attend the oktoberfest (opening ata nila) tomorrow at ortigas. i have two vip tickets, whose goin with me?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

new moon has pls?

when i started reading new moon, i wanted to finish from page one to end. i dont wanna put down the book, because im as excited to now what had happened in the end. but need to replenish energy for the next working day. so i closed my eyes.

as much as i wanted to grasp bella and edwards affection, busy schedule makes it difficult for me to continue my reading. not until last sunday.

yes, last sunday. i found time to pay attention to the unconditional love story of a human and a vampire. i read it and finshied it!! yes, finally

now im on the next book.....mahaba habang kwentuhan na naman

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

icedrop and balot

its 5pm already, me, & cousins went out (just out in the street) to wait for mamang naglalako ng food. that is what we do, always. never missed a day, to wait for him just before the sun goes down.. that is when im home.

i know there is ice drop, balot, and fish ball in metro city, but eating that in our province, and in the street is as sweet as candy. our little cousins even enjoys our food trip.

this is the ice drop .

i bought the cheese flavor. but i was confused, i used to eat that kind way back and back and back, but as far as I remember it, the ice drop color for the cheese is bright yellow. When I asked mamang sorbetero, he said that is the color ever since….hhmmnnn…..baka ibang flavor ang nasa isip ko.

This is the ballot. Our delicacy. It was featured in fear factor, they said, but I was not able to catch it there. Anyway, parang nanibago ako sa ballot. I had a second thought eating it. parang natakot ako,,,hehehehe.....But well, i know its delicious so I just ate it all! Yum yum…

We didnt saw mamang mag fifishball, too bad. I guess next time I come home again..

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