Wednesday, September 3, 2008

icedrop and balot

its 5pm already, me, & cousins went out (just out in the street) to wait for mamang naglalako ng food. that is what we do, always. never missed a day, to wait for him just before the sun goes down.. that is when im home.

i know there is ice drop, balot, and fish ball in metro city, but eating that in our province, and in the street is as sweet as candy. our little cousins even enjoys our food trip.

this is the ice drop .

i bought the cheese flavor. but i was confused, i used to eat that kind way back and back and back, but as far as I remember it, the ice drop color for the cheese is bright yellow. When I asked mamang sorbetero, he said that is the color ever since….hhmmnnn…..baka ibang flavor ang nasa isip ko.

This is the ballot. Our delicacy. It was featured in fear factor, they said, but I was not able to catch it there. Anyway, parang nanibago ako sa ballot. I had a second thought eating it. parang natakot ako,,,hehehehe.....But well, i know its delicious so I just ate it all! Yum yum…

We didnt saw mamang mag fifishball, too bad. I guess next time I come home again..


Roland said...

haha, baka "kesong-puti" flavor yun... miss ko na rin ang balut.

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