Thursday, August 28, 2008

lost card

i do not remove that card in my organizer. whenever i changed bag, i make sure to bring it. all my cards are placed in one organizer, i do not know why this particular card is missing.

i notice last tuesday, that my card is missing. i checked on my bag, on my wallet, on my oranizer but i really couldnt find it. good thing the receptionist allow me to enter the premises. but they are allowing me only up to 3 times. and today is my third day. meaning, tomorrow, if i plan to come in, the receptionist told me to replace the card and charge me 400 pesos. oh what!? 400 pesos!? malaki din un ah. so i should look again and check all my bags. i might have just misplaced it.

let me refresh my mind on where i was last weekend. okay, i went to province, and im guessing that i might have left it there. im hoping, to save me from paying 400.
haiizzz..umandar na naman pagkaburara ko kasi.

help! lost card, if found kindly return to me or to the establishment stated therein. thanks.


_ice_ said...

credit card? hahaha di mo na yon mahanap lola, mga tao pa dito sa pinas.. hehehe

replace mo na yon..

have a good day

Roland said...

which card of yours is lost? mag-sacrifice ka na lang ng 400 pesos para di kana ma-stress sa kahahanap at kaiisip kung saan mo nawala.

Ely said...

honga, replace na. mamaya baka magamit pa ng iba. hehe

Jez said...

@ice...membership card eh

@roland...sayand din kasi yung 400 eh. pan load na un...

@ely..punta ako ngayon dun, so i have no choice but to replace it and pay 400. huhuhuhuhu

_ice_ said...

membership card ng ano?
baka naman discount card ng...

hhmmm???? hehehehe


live well..
laugh often
enjoy life

Jez said...

@ ice....hahahah. mawalan man ako ng discount card (?) oks lang, dami dyan namimigay sa mrt. heheh

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