Sunday, August 3, 2008

long table breakfast

i received a call from tita and my mom, my lola is sick and they want me to go home.
my lola was then brought to the hospital, for medical check up. i did visited her in the hospital and even spent a night there.
when she was discharge, as i promised, i went home to province this weekend.

it's sunday. it's family day as pinoys refer to. no office, no work, no each member of the family usually gather around, be it for lunch, dinner, sports or whatever....

for us, we had a breakfast.
the menu: goto, pritong lumpia, puto, pandesal

our "clan" is BIG. as in, dami namin. i have 11 tito and tita (my mom's brothers and sisters), 20 cousins, 4 nieces.

it's always nice to be back home.
it's only here i can taste the best food in town. (my mom's family are known for cooking delicious and tasteful food)
that's why i always gain weight whenever i have vacation here (huh! sarap kumain)


Roland said...

sarap naman... i envy u... u still have this moment... tagal ko na rin di nae-experience yung kumain kaming magkakapatid ng sabay-sabay.

Ely said...

sarap naman ng kainan. long table talaga, parang may okasyon? :)

J E Z said...

@roland: actually, nakakamis tlga

@ely: wala naman. nakasanayan na lang. tsaka sa dami namin sa pamilya, parang laging may okasyon kpag nagsalo salo.

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