Wednesday, August 20, 2008

new moon

i do read books. i get tips on john maxwell's the difference maker and leadership. rhonda byrne's the secret inspired me to be positive always. nicholas sparks' books makes me fall inlove again and again. not to mention robert kiyosaki's rich dad poor dad and others.....(duh! as if tinatapos basahin tlga..hahahha).
and by the way, i also appreciate poetry. i've written several verses back then.

in addition to my so called "mind and soul feed burner" (atsus!!!), peachy my gym buddy, introduced me to stephenie meyer's twilight series. and i must say, upon reading the first, second, third chapter (ah basta, edward said bye bye bella,,dun ako natapos kagabi) it makes me eager to read the whole book last night. there's plenty of time and i have work the next day, i thought. so i put down the book, and closed my eyes. ill continue reading it later before sleeping.

back to the book, i was told that the it is located under the childrens section (aahh!?). oh well, bella (the girl in the story) just turned 18, so i guess its for the young. oh nohhhh,,,,im still young, i am. ahyy..
it's about love, passion, blood and danger for a immortal and mortal being.


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