Wednesday, August 13, 2008

decor and a room

this past few days, ive been searching, and browsing, and scanning, and clicking, and saving home improvements designs and tips from kitchen to living room and to bedroom design. from pillows to curtains to wallpaper to paintings. from electric fan to aircon to pin light to chandelier. actually, our new home is already built. we're just having some slight rennovation. been more more than 7 years (i believe so) that we were not able to sleep, sit, eat, walk, play, pray in our home. so now, i am just so glad that finally we decided to stay, live, play, eat again (even once in awhile)

i've found alot of bedroom designs, decorations, and accessories. but im still undecided on what kind of design i should choose to my bedroom. i want it to be personal, i want my room to describe myself, that upon entering it, you'll know and agree that it is my room. i wont get an interior designer ( duh! nonononon..i have no extra money to pay for her/his mind, anyway, i trust my , taste..hahahah)
so, im thinking of designing it like this one of a kind


ahhhh...its so simple, yet so girly, so chic and stylish

or ill just make it simple like this

anyway, what matter most is that i should get a very good sleep, with clean bedsheets, large and many pillows, and a drawer/table/ for my books and pictures.


Falcon said...

manypillows...thats the way i like it...comfy and nice,,

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