Saturday, June 28, 2008

damages has been done

Due to his health condition, the academy decided to expel chivas. His health will be at risk if he will continue the contest; previously, he was brought to the hospital twice.

I was sad too as he say goodbye to his teachers and classmates. He has talents; his first gala performance was great considering that he was brought to the hospital the day before. Huhuhuhuhu… I will miss you chivas!

Oh well, He is alive and his wife remained in the academy. There’s more to be heartrending than chivas expulsion to the dream academy. The MV Princess of the Star sank as the typhoon frank hit the region. It’s been six days now since it happened And the lives of many Filipinos were sacrificed and gone. How could that happen? How could they sacrifice the lives of these people?. There were survivor yes, but the lives of more than 700 passengers still trap in the “death ship”. There were bodies found floating in the other region that can no longer recognize because of their dilapidated skin.

Now what!? The government, the navy and all the volunteer workers had suspended their retrieval operation due to the confession that the vessel is carrying tons of pesticide endosulfan with the solid crystalline poison packed in plastic bags. That a drop of said chemical in your body would mean death

Now what!? You are pointing each others mistakes and greedy intentions. You are saying that because of the maritime communication system that became white elephant, you are saying that it’s the negligence of the vessel’s owner………damn! You are investigating. You are castigating sulpicio lines. Yes, please do the neccessary! The issue is hotcake now because the incident is fresh. But until when will you give justice to this innocent lives? The damages have been done. Life has been gone. In the first place, all of you should have done your job. We’re talking about lives here, they are human not animals. Damn! When will you learn your lessons? This is not the first time such incidents happen. Can you sleep well knowing the grievances of lost souls and their crying families?

Tomorrow is the fight of Manny Pacquiao to David Diaz in the boxing arena. I hope, somehow it will help alleviate the misery of Filipinos, even for just tomorrow. Go Manny! As usual, every time our beloved country experiences catastrophe and other issues, you are always there sweating blood to fight, win and unite us all.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

whew.....i feel so sorry.

Whew!. Our dsl at home was disconnected due to some technical problems. I never thought that it would give me a hard time. Aside from not reading some mind blowing post (as if), I was not able to chat with my mom and brother (using the cell phone is too costly for us, that’s why we rely on internet instead). I missed blogging. It’s been awhile since my last post.

When did I start blogging? I started it here last year of may but was not able to give time till last april. Actually, ive been writing my journal ever since in high school. I just like holding a pen and writing my whereabouts and just any stuff.

Especially when I’m feeling anger, writing it completely would let go the harsh feeling.

Hayyyy,,,,,,,im not angry now, I just feel guilty.

My good friend called and told me that she will take advantage of our friendship (oh, okey). I had an idea on where her story is heading. So I advise her not to play around the bush, so as not to make my heart beat faster. As I guess it right, she is barrowing a P50,000 pesos. (whew…laki noh). I do not know why some of my friends, when needed money, approach me. Probably they are aware of my weakness, which I would not turn them down. (as if,,,,feeling mayaman! Huh!). Teasingly, given the scenario, I told this good friend not to test our friendship because I’ve proven how I love her, how I value our closeness. I asked for some time to find ways how to produce the sum. She needed the money on or before the 30th of June. I know how important it is for her, but as much I really wanted to help her, I just cannot provide the money. My very first time to decline a friend and I feel so guilty.

Because of my willingness to help my friends, I had made some sufferings before. For some greedy reasons they have, they took advantage of my gentle heart. I trusted some friends but they betray me, now I still endure the consequence, well, at least I’ve learned my lesson…..the hard way. Huh!

And to you my good friend, im sorry girl. And besides wala rin naman akong pera eh.

Friday, June 20, 2008

fitness and accident

as my habitual fitness schedule (habitual? Huh, arent am too lazy sometime?), wearing my favorite black Nike pants and black shirt, i went to the gym for the hip hop exercise (well, i do love dancing..hihihi)

i was 10 minutes early for the class, so i just pass the time by watching the on going hi lo class. When it ended, we started to position ourselves in a spot were we are comfortable. Members seem to mark their area. Every time i join the class, whether its hip hop, jam or combat, lagi dun ang position nila.

We started it with warm up, stretching and warm up....(tama ba?hehehe). As we begin the 2nd set of the movement by swaying, this girl from the 3rd row fell off the floor. Members, not knowing the seriousness of the accident continued to concentrate on their movement. I myself didn’t thought it was that bad maybe because we didn’t hear her shouting in pain. Until I notice that she is not standing to continue her dancing. I guess the instructor notice that too because he stop the exercise and went near her. That’s the time the members realize the shocking accident. Her bones on her left leg knee were disalign……..(oouuuccchhhh!). Paramedic came and she was brought to the hospital. (oouuccchhh talaga)

It was an accident.
It happens anywhere, any time. We know our body; we know when it is in pain. The incident makes clear to me the importance of stretching and warm up before joining any group exercise. It is our body and we are responsible for its strength.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

my morning with the strange taxi driver

I ride a taxi as i regularly do every morning in going to the office.
The taxi driver asked me if I saw the woman who just got off of his taxi. I said no. Then he begun to speak his surprise when he learned the age of this woman. (so, I am guessing they – the taxi driver and the woman – had a dialogue too).

Taxi driver: I asked the woman’s age. And to my surprise she said she’s 48. but damn! He looks as if she’s just in her early 30’s. probably it’s just a matter of living your life and dealing with stress he added.

Then he asked, ‘how about you mam, how old are you’.

I just gave him a smile…duhh!! Don’t he know that it is improper to ask the woman’s age. Dduhhh!!! Lol.

The major shocker to me is that when this strange taxi driver asked if im single and where do I live. And if he can visit me in our house or in the workplace. …………..duhhhhh!!!!

When I get off the cab, he even repeated his intention.

Ano ba yan?! Huh!

Man, don’t you know when to keep you mouth shut? Duuhhhhhhh!

Or you want us to behave bad so you will be quiet?

The government would now implement a taxi meter receipt for all cabs in metro manila, would that anything to do that’s why that taxi driver is behaving so odd and so scarry?

and before i forgot, It’s our hero, jose rizal birthday today. I wonder if it has any connection with that too.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PGMA is being so generous lately

in the morning, the topic of the conversation in our room is the tax exemption bill signed by the president.

with the regular increase of oil prices, electricity, fare and all commodities, at least the government leaders are working their butt to help the people. since the business sector cannot provide the demand of workers fo a P125 wage hike across the board, the tax exemption bill is satisfactory to them. nevertheless, its a win win situation. the worker would exempt them from paying their taxes, and the businessman wouldnt take out any cents from their assets since theyre paying just the same full salary taxable or not.

it seems that the PGMA government is being so generous latey (hhmmnn....i wonder why?). first, she grant a P500 power subsidy (on which hindi naman kami kasali and we didnt benefit anyway,,,,unfair!?). second, the wage increase will take effect on june 14 (actually its been long overdue, its supposed to start last month pa), and third, this tax exemption bill.

waahhh....will i benefit from her generosity? sana nga.......
now, let me say to PGMA.............MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!! more of your generosity.

now, filipinos have more to celebrate.......the wage increase and the tax exemption bil is just in time for the..........pacquio - diaz match.

they can now buy ticket and watch the live telecast.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

moment like this

Its 3’oclock in the afternoon, rather 3:01PM.
I glance at the window, and I felt the sun shines so happily. I know many are as happy as the sun too.Because it brings new hope, new day. Celebrating new born, new relationship, new establishment, new promotion, etc….

While for some ……ang init!!!!!

And for me, I am sleepy. i want to sleep!!!
I want to close my eyes but the situation does not allow me to grant this pleasure. My station is exposed to my associates. They could catch me resting while they are full of activity. Though my eye is insisting but I could not concede to its demand. I have to figure out a bit the way out. In just a moment, this mood would evaporate like it was never been here and there in.

The time would kill itself anyway, if not I, I will kill time.

And later this afternoon, in no doubt, the sky would switch to a mysterious and gloomy look. And that’s the instance I could indulge myself and admit not only to my eyes, but to my whole body and give in to the enjoyment of sleeping would bring. My bed is waiting for me and I would be as delighted as the sun now when I lay my body in bed.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

the dream has begun

yesterday, the 15 lucky scholars were chosen and tonight is the final judgement on who will be the 16th scholar to enroll in the Pinoy Dream Academy.

with ryan cayabyab as the head master, this is another show im sure we will keep an eye on.

the appearance pop star billy crawford makes it more appealing (at least to me). he got talent, huh! i love watching him when he dance and sing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

will you marry me?

will anyone out there ask me that question????

WAIT.....i said ASK not PROPOSE?!? geeeehhh. but if u insist on proposing,,,ill probably consider

i sat down on the sofa, taking a rest when i decided to turn on the tv. browse channels, till i end up watching the tyra bank's show.

and yeah, that is their topic....

who wouldn't want a diamond ring? big or small, it doesnt matter.

what am i saying? of course, size matters.the bigger it is, the happier your woman will

new hair style, just for a change

that is always i want, to have a break from my normal hair style. it used to be colored for many years. but, one day i woke up feeling so bored. so i went to the salon, and colored it back to black. and i feel great.

yesterday, while browsing the net, i thought of styling my came to my mind? braids...braids...

and so i did. i woke up supposed to wake up at 6AM but i did not, instead i get up at 7Am. but i still managed my time and woollaaahhhh...had my hair done just in time.

my officemates wondered how i did it. they even tease me for having the ample time to do the braids, asking if i woke up very early? ehehheheheh

just for a change, i shrug

so, do the braids:
1. part hair into two equal sections
2. put each section into an ear level ponytail
3. get a pieces of hair, and wrap it around to cover the rubber band
4. braid each section (not to tight) and secure the ends
5. once it done, go for the right, and pull it the left side.
then the left and pull it the right side (forming like a headband)
6. tuck ends under the braid to hide the hair elastic (or rubber)
7. used some hair pins to fix the braids

Monday, June 9, 2008

P100 on my pocket

with P100 on my pocket i had the courage to go to pampanga from quezon city. lets see if i made it and how much it cost me.

1. riding a jeep going to sm mall where i will ride an fx cost - p8
2. riding a fx going to pampanga - p75
3. riding a jeep again goin to our town- p12
4. tricycle fare going to our home - p20
total cost (one way) - 115

and i only had 100 then. so what did i do, i called on my cousin to wait for me in our gate and bring 20 bucks to pay the tricyle driver. hehehehe, good thing she was around. my very first time to go home with only 100 in my pocket!! i cannot withdraw on my atm because i hand it to her months ago. on my way home, i was so thirsty that as much as i want to buy a very cold drink, i could not. i decided to stop by burger king and mcdonalds hoping they will accept a credit card, but the lines are too long and i cannot wait any longer.

so, are you thinking what happened to me on my way back to quezon city? no, i did not barrow money. i get my atm to her and also the money for the lot payment.

my lakbayan

My Lakbayan grade is C-!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

most of the northern part, i have already visited.
this year, hoping to explore the souther part of our country..

Sunday, June 8, 2008

living with my dog

i love this shot. it was taken this morning, just few minutes after i woke up (11:45am)

everyday and everytime i woke up and go downstairs, snowy (thats her name) would always come up the stairs to greet me and reach me too. she'll stretch her feet on me making sure i become aware of her. and she wont stop growling on me until i play with her.

poor dog, probably she was tired playing with me
and when i went out, she even followed me to the front door as if saying bye bye...hehehhehe....that's snowy

what!? Fu**!!!!!

wake me up! this couldnt be happening!!!!??
i was shocked with the news! who wouldnt be?!
do u know where u coming from?

pls, dont let ur weaknesses overcome you.
u make mistakes, i have alot of mistakes. nobody's perfect.
but that is not an excuse. do you understand? do you hear us?
it's still a very long journey. cry it our my dear friend, im here, dont worry.
hold on. be strong. we'll talk to them. though, next time, be very careful

Saturday, June 7, 2008

PGMA showered money to (some) filipinos

few days ago i did post on a news regarding the author from indonesia who showered money. oh well, it also happened here in the philippines, though different scenario.

due to the rising of food prices, utility bills and the global issue for oil price, president arroyo government has launched a ($46M) subsidy program for poor families. they will give a P500 for those household who consume 100kwh or less on electricity. for the reason that the poorest family were the most affected. and the said fund came from government revenues from collecting VAT (value added tax) from oil and petroleum products.

it's as if saying that our government has indeed collected an overflowing tax from oil and petroleum products. why not instead remove completely the VAT from this product so that all of us filipinos will endow with. how much is the diesel now? P48,P50,51? duh! and the LPG marketers might even increase their prices in the coming week or month.

and yes, by giving P500 these families will be able to deal with their present problem and then after, what will happen the next day, the next month? it is written, do not give them a fish but teach them how to fish. it would be better if this $46M would be use in livelihood program where they can apply and used in their life in a long term. where they can earn money to provide food, shelter and cloth to their families.

and since i cannot do anything to stop the government from doing this, i just hope and pray that these poor families would be able to truly receive what they were promised of. because they all deserve and we all deserve any help that the government can extend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

gggrrrrhhh....this is crazy....hahahahhaha


it seems that i made a mistake unintentionally. because my boss was infuriated. i just cannot get it. why? what did i do? im just doing my job!


and so i call on the forces of the universe to transmit a message to my boss,,,,that there's no need to be annoyed and angry on me because im just doing my job...

hahahahhhaaha.....i guess it work out. because before i start typing a letter on this post to release this harsh feeling, she gave me a phonecall in a very pleasant voice just like our normal conversation.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

it RAINS MONEY in indonesia!!

i was doing my gym routine exercise when i saw the news subtitle it rains money in indonesia.
curiosity i am, i waited for the whole news before joining the body jam.

to promote his book, an author from indonesia showered the cash from the plane over Serang Indonesia!!! what a marketing strategy for any promotion!


i hope MANNY PACQUIAO will do the same, when he wins his fight against DAVID DIAZ. (or even if he wont win)
surely, filipinos will be grateful to him. though, showered paper bills please or will end up in hospital if you course coins.

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