Tuesday, June 17, 2008

moment like this

Its 3’oclock in the afternoon, rather 3:01PM.
I glance at the window, and I felt the sun shines so happily. I know many are as happy as the sun too.Because it brings new hope, new day. Celebrating new born, new relationship, new establishment, new promotion, etc….

While for some ……ang init!!!!!

And for me, I am sleepy. i want to sleep!!!
I want to close my eyes but the situation does not allow me to grant this pleasure. My station is exposed to my associates. They could catch me resting while they are full of activity. Though my eye is insisting but I could not concede to its demand. I have to figure out a bit the way out. In just a moment, this mood would evaporate like it was never been here and there in.

The time would kill itself anyway, if not I, I will kill time.

And later this afternoon, in no doubt, the sky would switch to a mysterious and gloomy look. And that’s the instance I could indulge myself and admit not only to my eyes, but to my whole body and give in to the enjoyment of sleeping would bring. My bed is waiting for me and I would be as delighted as the sun now when I lay my body in bed.


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