Saturday, June 28, 2008

damages has been done

Due to his health condition, the academy decided to expel chivas. His health will be at risk if he will continue the contest; previously, he was brought to the hospital twice.

I was sad too as he say goodbye to his teachers and classmates. He has talents; his first gala performance was great considering that he was brought to the hospital the day before. Huhuhuhuhu… I will miss you chivas!

Oh well, He is alive and his wife remained in the academy. There’s more to be heartrending than chivas expulsion to the dream academy. The MV Princess of the Star sank as the typhoon frank hit the region. It’s been six days now since it happened And the lives of many Filipinos were sacrificed and gone. How could that happen? How could they sacrifice the lives of these people?. There were survivor yes, but the lives of more than 700 passengers still trap in the “death ship”. There were bodies found floating in the other region that can no longer recognize because of their dilapidated skin.

Now what!? The government, the navy and all the volunteer workers had suspended their retrieval operation due to the confession that the vessel is carrying tons of pesticide endosulfan with the solid crystalline poison packed in plastic bags. That a drop of said chemical in your body would mean death

Now what!? You are pointing each others mistakes and greedy intentions. You are saying that because of the maritime communication system that became white elephant, you are saying that it’s the negligence of the vessel’s owner………damn! You are investigating. You are castigating sulpicio lines. Yes, please do the neccessary! The issue is hotcake now because the incident is fresh. But until when will you give justice to this innocent lives? The damages have been done. Life has been gone. In the first place, all of you should have done your job. We’re talking about lives here, they are human not animals. Damn! When will you learn your lessons? This is not the first time such incidents happen. Can you sleep well knowing the grievances of lost souls and their crying families?

Tomorrow is the fight of Manny Pacquiao to David Diaz in the boxing arena. I hope, somehow it will help alleviate the misery of Filipinos, even for just tomorrow. Go Manny! As usual, every time our beloved country experiences catastrophe and other issues, you are always there sweating blood to fight, win and unite us all.


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