Thursday, June 19, 2008

my morning with the strange taxi driver

I ride a taxi as i regularly do every morning in going to the office.
The taxi driver asked me if I saw the woman who just got off of his taxi. I said no. Then he begun to speak his surprise when he learned the age of this woman. (so, I am guessing they – the taxi driver and the woman – had a dialogue too).

Taxi driver: I asked the woman’s age. And to my surprise she said she’s 48. but damn! He looks as if she’s just in her early 30’s. probably it’s just a matter of living your life and dealing with stress he added.

Then he asked, ‘how about you mam, how old are you’.

I just gave him a smile…duhh!! Don’t he know that it is improper to ask the woman’s age. Dduhhh!!! Lol.

The major shocker to me is that when this strange taxi driver asked if im single and where do I live. And if he can visit me in our house or in the workplace. …………..duhhhhh!!!!

When I get off the cab, he even repeated his intention.

Ano ba yan?! Huh!

Man, don’t you know when to keep you mouth shut? Duuhhhhhhh!

Or you want us to behave bad so you will be quiet?

The government would now implement a taxi meter receipt for all cabs in metro manila, would that anything to do that’s why that taxi driver is behaving so odd and so scarry?

and before i forgot, It’s our hero, jose rizal birthday today. I wonder if it has any connection with that too.


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