Saturday, June 7, 2008

PGMA showered money to (some) filipinos

few days ago i did post on a news regarding the author from indonesia who showered money. oh well, it also happened here in the philippines, though different scenario.

due to the rising of food prices, utility bills and the global issue for oil price, president arroyo government has launched a ($46M) subsidy program for poor families. they will give a P500 for those household who consume 100kwh or less on electricity. for the reason that the poorest family were the most affected. and the said fund came from government revenues from collecting VAT (value added tax) from oil and petroleum products.

it's as if saying that our government has indeed collected an overflowing tax from oil and petroleum products. why not instead remove completely the VAT from this product so that all of us filipinos will endow with. how much is the diesel now? P48,P50,51? duh! and the LPG marketers might even increase their prices in the coming week or month.

and yes, by giving P500 these families will be able to deal with their present problem and then after, what will happen the next day, the next month? it is written, do not give them a fish but teach them how to fish. it would be better if this $46M would be use in livelihood program where they can apply and used in their life in a long term. where they can earn money to provide food, shelter and cloth to their families.

and since i cannot do anything to stop the government from doing this, i just hope and pray that these poor families would be able to truly receive what they were promised of. because they all deserve and we all deserve any help that the government can extend.


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