Monday, June 9, 2008

P100 on my pocket

with P100 on my pocket i had the courage to go to pampanga from quezon city. lets see if i made it and how much it cost me.

1. riding a jeep going to sm mall where i will ride an fx cost - p8
2. riding a fx going to pampanga - p75
3. riding a jeep again goin to our town- p12
4. tricycle fare going to our home - p20
total cost (one way) - 115

and i only had 100 then. so what did i do, i called on my cousin to wait for me in our gate and bring 20 bucks to pay the tricyle driver. hehehehe, good thing she was around. my very first time to go home with only 100 in my pocket!! i cannot withdraw on my atm because i hand it to her months ago. on my way home, i was so thirsty that as much as i want to buy a very cold drink, i could not. i decided to stop by burger king and mcdonalds hoping they will accept a credit card, but the lines are too long and i cannot wait any longer.

so, are you thinking what happened to me on my way back to quezon city? no, i did not barrow money. i get my atm to her and also the money for the lot payment.


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