Friday, June 20, 2008

fitness and accident

as my habitual fitness schedule (habitual? Huh, arent am too lazy sometime?), wearing my favorite black Nike pants and black shirt, i went to the gym for the hip hop exercise (well, i do love dancing..hihihi)

i was 10 minutes early for the class, so i just pass the time by watching the on going hi lo class. When it ended, we started to position ourselves in a spot were we are comfortable. Members seem to mark their area. Every time i join the class, whether its hip hop, jam or combat, lagi dun ang position nila.

We started it with warm up, stretching and warm up....(tama ba?hehehe). As we begin the 2nd set of the movement by swaying, this girl from the 3rd row fell off the floor. Members, not knowing the seriousness of the accident continued to concentrate on their movement. I myself didn’t thought it was that bad maybe because we didn’t hear her shouting in pain. Until I notice that she is not standing to continue her dancing. I guess the instructor notice that too because he stop the exercise and went near her. That’s the time the members realize the shocking accident. Her bones on her left leg knee were disalign……..(oouuuccchhhh!). Paramedic came and she was brought to the hospital. (oouuccchhh talaga)

It was an accident.
It happens anywhere, any time. We know our body; we know when it is in pain. The incident makes clear to me the importance of stretching and warm up before joining any group exercise. It is our body and we are responsible for its strength.


3POINT8 said...

ouch! disaligned bones and paramedics...
sounds bad... sounds BAD

Steph said...

Omigod! I think we do come from the same gym!! I heard about this too.

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