Wednesday, June 18, 2008

PGMA is being so generous lately

in the morning, the topic of the conversation in our room is the tax exemption bill signed by the president.

with the regular increase of oil prices, electricity, fare and all commodities, at least the government leaders are working their butt to help the people. since the business sector cannot provide the demand of workers fo a P125 wage hike across the board, the tax exemption bill is satisfactory to them. nevertheless, its a win win situation. the worker would exempt them from paying their taxes, and the businessman wouldnt take out any cents from their assets since theyre paying just the same full salary taxable or not.

it seems that the PGMA government is being so generous latey (hhmmnn....i wonder why?). first, she grant a P500 power subsidy (on which hindi naman kami kasali and we didnt benefit anyway,,,,unfair!?). second, the wage increase will take effect on june 14 (actually its been long overdue, its supposed to start last month pa), and third, this tax exemption bill.

waahhh....will i benefit from her generosity? sana nga.......
now, let me say to PGMA.............MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!! more of your generosity.

now, filipinos have more to celebrate.......the wage increase and the tax exemption bil is just in time for the..........pacquio - diaz match.

they can now buy ticket and watch the live telecast.....


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