Saturday, August 29, 2009


One day, as I was browsing my fb account I decided to changed my status into a in a relationship. Soon, friends commented and asked me to fill in the missing story. I was quiet about it and never did I express any details on how, why, where and when. He is my first bf, so I guess it stir eagerness in them to meet him.

The chitchat vastly spread among my relatives too. Whenever I speak with them, they would begin and end our conversation on giving me advices about this relationship. I’ve mentioned him to my mom and dad. Yes, just mention. Then, what makes me hold back in introducing him to my family? I should know, of course. There are some issues that needs to elucidate, some information that needs to refine. The relationship started so fast, and so some process where put behind. But the fact that I feel bothered means that something is wrong………

Then what makes me hang on this complicated relationship? Do I sympathize with him, or was just I’m too thrilled by the attention he gives? I let the bold me cross the threshold……but I should also let the bold me discern if God will delight in me..

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