Friday, March 28, 2008

sweet escape in singapore

me and neschell
at the airplane

party at clarke quay, i missed this place!

i enjoyed my vacation in singapore...
its sophistication, modern chic, and nature loving environment makes me wanna come back again.....i only stayed for 4 days but i feel like ive known the place for years.

singapore has a small area. mode of transportation can easily be access. we stayed in a place just a few walk away to their MRT station.

we met new friends in the hostel. there is aty from indonesia, ines from germany and shane from australia. we were together even the receptionist are very warm and friendly. oh well, they are pinay as well so that makes it easy for us to communicate.

after a very long walk, after trecking the reservoir, i bet girls would agree...we deserve a meal at hardrock!

damn! i found this at sentosa. and i was
shocked..oh well, isnt it obvious!? heheheh

Thursday, March 27, 2008

officially....yes, im 27yrs young!

i can't deny, march 27, im officially 27 years of age.....
some may say that it's time for me to settle down, marry a man and have kids.... doesnt end there.
i am just starting to enjoy every bit of my life. i would like to travel places, i would like to explore myself. i would like to meet new friends. i would like to work hard. i would like to save money. i would like to help people.

but of course, in due time, i also want to share my life to the man that God has chosen to be with me and with our children.

celebrating my birthday this year is unforgetable...
i accept and welcome my another one year with smile and open arms...
age is just a number, there's more into it. and in every moments, think of it as a new and different adventure.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What hurts most

the cold wind blows in the night
the love songs music that plays on the radio
the silent of time
makes me wonder why?

we were just talking
what hurts most is that
now, we are so closed to each other
and the next day you never laid eyes on me,,,

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