Thursday, March 27, 2008

officially....yes, im 27yrs young!

i can't deny, march 27, im officially 27 years of age.....
some may say that it's time for me to settle down, marry a man and have kids.... doesnt end there.
i am just starting to enjoy every bit of my life. i would like to travel places, i would like to explore myself. i would like to meet new friends. i would like to work hard. i would like to save money. i would like to help people.

but of course, in due time, i also want to share my life to the man that God has chosen to be with me and with our children.

celebrating my birthday this year is unforgetable...
i accept and welcome my another one year with smile and open arms...
age is just a number, there's more into it. and in every moments, think of it as a new and different adventure.


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