Friday, June 13, 2008

new hair style, just for a change

that is always i want, to have a break from my normal hair style. it used to be colored for many years. but, one day i woke up feeling so bored. so i went to the salon, and colored it back to black. and i feel great.

yesterday, while browsing the net, i thought of styling my came to my mind? braids...braids...

and so i did. i woke up supposed to wake up at 6AM but i did not, instead i get up at 7Am. but i still managed my time and woollaaahhhh...had my hair done just in time.

my officemates wondered how i did it. they even tease me for having the ample time to do the braids, asking if i woke up very early? ehehheheheh

just for a change, i shrug

so, do the braids:
1. part hair into two equal sections
2. put each section into an ear level ponytail
3. get a pieces of hair, and wrap it around to cover the rubber band
4. braid each section (not to tight) and secure the ends
5. once it done, go for the right, and pull it the left side.
then the left and pull it the right side (forming like a headband)
6. tuck ends under the braid to hide the hair elastic (or rubber)
7. used some hair pins to fix the braids


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