Friday, July 4, 2008

i shall return

thank goodness!!! my dsl at home is back. lately, im not quiete visible in the blogging world. But as General Douglas Macarthur once promised to the Filipinos...."i shall return"

so am i.........
i am back! im back! im back! im back! you know it! now, im back! you know it

though, been 2 days now that im absent from work. two days of staying at home, lying my body, taking some medicines. oh yes,,,im not feeling well., bad, i have a flu.....huhuhuhu

some says i should get married or even get a boyfriend so there would be someone who will take care of me when im sick.....hahahahaha...good thing my maid is around. actually, i dont treat her as my maid or nanny or katulong.....she's like a sister to me since i dont have a sister. she's around every second i needed her. "emy (that's her name) water please", "emy, peel my oranges", "emy, give me a massage". emy, do this, do that". she willingly do everything as i told her, which i wonder if "my boyfriend" would even bother to do.....

huh! hopefully, i'll be fine tomorrow. of course, i will be. im okay now. i will attend a wedding of a friend tomorrow. so i should be fine.


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