Sunday, July 13, 2008

how's ur sunday?

it's a gloomy sunday though...

1st stop: cabalen
food ordered: eat all you can
length of stay: 2hours

2nd stop: christ the king church
food ordered: Word of God
length of stay: 1hour and 45minutes

3rd stop: mcdonalds
food ordered: coke float
length of stay: 15-20 minutes

4th stop: figaro.
food ordered: hot mocha and pizza
length of stay: 2 hours

5th stop: david's tea house
food ordered: dimsum and congee
length of stay: 1 1/2 hour


Ely said...

food trip? sarap naman...busog na busog ang Sunday naten ah, hehe

Steph said...

JEZ!!! Akala ko ba diet? Bakit panay food ito? :p hahaha. Sarap ng Sunday mo a.

J E Z said...

ely: sobrah! tinatamad pa akong lumabas nun...hehwhwhw

steph: ssshhhh.......

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