Saturday, July 19, 2008

any wi fi in this area?

We were at trinoma, and my friend has to send a file to her business partner. Since im bringing my laptop, all we had to do is find a place were there is a free connection. at first we asked the guard if he knows any place around, and he pointed us to

wow! we were so excited to sit down, but there were no vacancies. so we waited (just a few seconds) then, woohla we were able to sit down. my friend ordered two hot choco (since we were there sitting and using their wi fi for free, para naman di dyahe). my friend dictates all the words and sentences, while i type it in MS Word. When finally im finished, i connected to the net, their access is secured so we asked for the password, but when i type it, for some reasons i cannot get through. so we asked their staff, what could be the problem..........huh!

staff: im sorry mam, our connection is experiencing some technical problems

us: oh no!!!! (n my mind - sayang ang binayad sa hot chocco wala naman pala kaming makukuhang connection)

so, i search for other connection in the area. i found alot to my surprise, (1) timezone, (2) airborne access (3) globequest (4) public wi fi. Public wi fi!? hhmnnn, there seems to be an access within the mall. but we sitted instead inside the timezone (hahahhaha), when i open my laptop, i told my friend

me: girl, this is so dyahe naman, we are so needy of this free connection, might as well i'll email this at home.

my friend: yeah, i guess. let's get out of here.

hahahhahha....i don't know, we gave ourselves a hard time where in fact i can access a connection at home. hahahhaha


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