Monday, July 7, 2008

an encounter with a shadow

my officemate rey came in the office to get something he needed from me. afterawhile he said,

rey: im bringing my car, i'll give you a ride home after your done there.

me: okay. but i have to finish this load yet and will take me an hour.

rey: it's alright.

i'm still in my desk checking papers, doing this and that though it's past office hour. this is the consequence of my 3 days absent. piles of work load! i have one more folder to check and i need to work fast for i dont want rey to keep him waiting since it's getting late. Then rey came in the room, and since some officemates were still inside,he showcased his talent in conversing. he's good at that, he's known at that i must say. there's no dull moment with him, he will talk all the way, all the time, all days that you're with him.

anyway, when everyone is gone, i decided to clean my desk,turn off my computer and lock my drawer. i told rey to just wait for a second for ill just go to the rest room. when i was inside it, i heard rey saying, "jez, hurry up. i'll just wait for you downstairs" of course i said NO! i dont wanna be alone in the room. im scared of being alone in our office especially at night. when i finished, we immediately left the office as he instructed.

when i question why suddenly he's acting weird, rey response was:

rey: when you were inside the rest room, i saw a shadow pass by. im definitely 101% it was a a silhouette. i felt goosebumps. i was scared. that's why i asked you to hurry up.

due to the urgency of getting out of the place, we were not able to turn off the lights and lock the door. so rey asked our guard to accompany him upstairs to lock the door. heheheheh.......


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