Wednesday, July 30, 2008

fully booked room

i entered the locker room, i saw girls carrying their bag (they havent started their workout, i know, coz we go on the same class - combat). then, one girl told me that

girl: there's no locker available i checked on all the lockers in the room, and yeah, found no available. I've finished changing clothes yet still no locker! aaahhhhhhhhhh......and whats going on today? why is this happening? i asked. oh no, noh oh,,.,
its wenesday....hhmmnnn.....and it's retro class......oohhhh oooh nohhh...
kaya pala walang available na locker as in... what's with the retro dance anyway?

so i waited, and waited and waited for someone to get off her stuff, until i spotted a girl who seems removing her stuff in the locker. so, binantayan ko na sya para makasiguradong makuha ko ang key kasi naman ang dami pang girls na naghihintay na mabakante ang locker.

finally, i have a key, i have put my bags in the locker, now, im ready to hit and kick! ...........and so i thought........the room (where group exercise is held) is jam packed!!!!!!!! as in!!!! kainis!! huh,,,,,,,with that scene, hindi ako makakagalaw ng maayos, im sure

now, i might change my schedule, i wont probably go every wenesday, i dont wanna experience the same........or ill come around 7:30, just in time for the body pump schedule im sure there will be available locker room and the studio is not full either im sure kasi medyo heavy ang work out sa pump


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