Saturday, July 5, 2008

pregnant man gives birth(?)

okay, okay...this is really something that will caught our attention. What!? a man gives birth? a man? i should read this again......

First time in the history of the world, i believe this has happened. many gays would envy him, im sure. but wait, how could that happened? as i heared in the news, Thomas Beatie is originally a woman. he even joined a beauty contest during "her" days. he may transformed into a man, but not completely. he can still bear a child just like a woman. so he did. i understand why. so, kinda not really that surprising to me.


Glamouricious said...

LOL. for some reason it's pretty funny. I don't know why because it's pretty logical for it to happen. I guess he wasn't on birth control haha.

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