Saturday, July 12, 2008

"bum" like this

my friend diva's sms: ang taong "bum" like me can afford of texting at the moment. hahahahaa....hey friend, had tutor this morning...its my first day period, took pain reliever already

my reply: it's saturday night, why are we in our house while others are out partying!?

diva's reply: oh well, i guess they have money to spend...hahahahahhaha

hell yeah, what am i doing here in front of my computer? it's saturday night, it is time where most are out dinning, clubbing. does that mean i dont have money to spend!? OH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! that cannot be.....can't be!

diva: girl, let's hear mass tomorrow morning at christ the king.

yes, that is such a wonderful invitation! we need that to enlighten our mind and heart. and to take away all this unwanted stress................OOHH NOOOO!!!
we will clear our mind, so we could think other better ways to earn money for our saturday night gimmik


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