Saturday, July 5, 2008

sunny saturday

i heard there's a typhoon. i guess it didnt hit the city thats why the sun shines so brightly.

as soon as the mall open, i entered and find a dress i needed for the wedding. (sshhhh....i know im not prepared, im sick remember?) and i found one that cost me P1,600. hmmnn..never mind the price. so, i ask the sales lady to alter and steam the dress meticulously. since it will take time to do it, i decided to buy my dog a food. snowy's lifestyle is sometimes costly than mine. her monthly food, vitamins, shampoo, grooming, dress,,,,heheheh...but it's alright. she's my baby anyway.

when i got home, the driver is already waiting for me. no need to rest for me then. so i wash my face, brush my this and that.....and done and ready.

we headed first to a gasoline station. oil price is really distressing. i told the driver to fill 700 since bulacan (where im going) is just an hour drive from qc. i thought that is enough. and so i thought. when we're returning to qc, the driver suggested to refill fuel again. ahh, okay...what can i do? tsk,,,tsk,,,tsk. its not happening only in the philippines, its happening in your country too im sure.
the driver (im sori, i dont know his name) compared then the situation during marcos time and how he wish it will turn back to that period. he says your 2 pesos will travel you from north to metro city and vice versa. ill deal with that (past & present president) on my next post.

during the wedding ceremony, i saw a very familiar face. nah....ill skip that. ### might read this. but one thing, its a mixed feeling. happy, glad, sad and disappointed. i wonder, as i heared that ### getting married, will ### even care to invite me? hahahahahhaha.


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