Saturday, August 23, 2008

lyrics and music

last night, after work out, a friend called asking to meet her at 10PM. since, im available, i drop my things at home, took a quick bath, wearing only slippers, t-shirt and pants, and went to t. morato to meet her.

as i open the door, i heard loud music, i never thought ill be meeting her in a bar. okay,,,good i thought to myself. been a long day since my last alcohol intake. hhmnn,,but just then i heard my stomach clamoring. i barely forgot i havent had a dinner. quickly, i ordered for a mango juice and a clubhouse sandwich. it was a nice setting. live band music, food, beverage.....huh! so tempting. the downside was that i had no money in my pocket. my friend, agreed to pay my bill that night and pay her later.

i was enjoying listening to the live music, when i heard the lyrics in the song superstar

"Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby
You said you'd be coming back this way again baby
Baby baby baby baby oh baby
I love you I really do
Loneliness is such a sad affair
And I can hardly wait to be with you again
What to say to make you come again
Come back to me again and play your sad guita

i was surprised that the lyrics of that hit me. i heard his familiar voice, and the pain blows sharply to my heart. i couldnt deny it. i couldnt hide it. and before i knew it, questions starts flowing in my mind. i never admitted of this emotion, not even to myself before. i tried to put it out of my life. i thought i succeeded.
ouch..... as they say, the wound will cut deep as deep as you allow it to happen. well, time will pass by.

by the way, i withdraw cash and paid my friend that same night before we parted.


reanaclaire said...

this song was during my time.. in the it by carpenters?

J E Z said...

yes, i believe, was sang by carpenters

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