Friday, August 15, 2008

inflammation and infection

my brother is in pain. abdominal pain. he vomit, he cries, he shouts. the pain became unberable. he was rush to the hospital and was put to emergency room. the doctors gave some medicines to take. after series of tests and examinations he was diagnosed of appendicitis.

the inflammation and infection can no longer cure by antibiotics, so that day he was scheduled to undergo an operation. before his operation, while lying in his bed i jokingly told him "kulang lang yan sa panalangin," tsaka sabay abot ng rosary.
then the time came wherein he will be transferred to the operating room. i thought he will be nervous, uneasy, shaky, scared.......i knew it. he was......

the operation lasted almost 2 hours!? (hhmnnn,,,,,tama ba watch ko?) his surgeon said of all his cases, this one (my brother's appendix) gave him a hard time in cuting off. after waiting, and sleeping and sleeping, it was done. his surgeon let us see the appendix.
and now, im sharing it to all of you,,,hehhehe


Ely said...

waaaahh! Anu yan? LOL. mahina ako sa ganyan, di ko kaya tingan.

Pinoy Teens said...

eww ang yuki naman nyang tingnan

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