Sunday, August 10, 2008


i am watching matang lawin, hosted by kuya kim atienza. in his trick, kuya kim is holding 6 cards. 2 jacks, 2 kings, and 2 queens. he asked the viewer to choose one card (as a tv viewer, i choosed one which is the diamond queen).

he then removed the one card (kuya kim says the one that the viewer choose) and showed the remaining 5 cards...and woohllaaa......the diamond queen is really not included in the remaining 5 cards. WOW! magic! so meaning, all the viewers have choosen the diamond queen!? gosh!

i am always amazed how they do magic. its a trick, and they must have study it a million times. but men! galing!


blueskyz said... myself was also amazed because the card i've choosen was not also there. but i am wondering upon reading yours about the card you choose, i did not choose diamond queen, i choose king of hearts but it was the one being thrown away by kuya kim. could that happen????

J E Z said...

really!!!??? how could that possibly happened? omg!!!!! unbelievable tlga...huh

lethalverses said...


I do magic too! and here's the trick to that:

1. use 2 K, 2 Q, 2 J (usually, of opposite colors) - say you selected K heart, K spade, Q diamond, Q flower, J spade, J diamond. (NOW KEEP THE REMAINING 6 UNSELECTED ROYAL CARDS and hide one card among these 5)

2. show cards to the audience, ask them to select ONE card (the logic is, your audience won't be able to memorize ALL card suits).

3. now hide the originally shown 6 cards (you can reinsert these in the deck) and show the remaining 5 cards you haven't shown to your audience at first.

4. Voila! gotcha ;)

supahfly said...

i've also seen this trick and have received somethin like this on e-mail. trick spoiler: all cards were replaced, but obviously u were so overwhelmed and awed that u havent noticed. so whichever card u chose or picked would no longer exist on the remaining cards.. you were just deceived..

J E Z said...

@lethalverses......bravo! bravo! hahahha.

@supahfly..yeah, i am, i figure that out just yesterday. huh! i was absent to our class i guess, when that trick was taught. hehehe

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