Saturday, September 6, 2008

oktoberfest siento biente

So we went to Oktoberfest siento biente. Got free tickets, sayang eh.

We walk in the air-conditioned tent. Free drinks (5), free food, and a stub for games.
The drink, was I think less alcohol (kasi hindi ko malasahan eh…duh! As if drinker!). well, that’s the way it should be, cause sometimes crowd is uncontrollable just like what happened last night in the general admission area (where the noise, the band, and of course Derek ramsey is in the house). We were not able to go within because the line is too long and they already blocked the gate prohibiting anyone to enter except of course for the production team which I’m not part of obviously. So, we went back to the tent. Oh yeah, why settle for the raucous if we can be comfortable at the marquee.

Inside, they’re giving t-shirt, cup, or a mug for all winners of a game (I want any of that!!!) so I gave the dart game a try.

And I won!!!! Yehey! And for my prize is a

My first time to attend the Oktoberfest……hihihihihihi…at least I have a souvenier. We even had an extra ticket (hindi dumating yung 1 friend ko) so what we did? We sell it for 500 pesos (well, the actual price is 1,500).


Ely said...

saya naman! baliktad ata, sana doble niyo binenta yung ticket. hehehe.

dami natrapik na ka-opis ko dahil sa OCtober fest!

_ice_ said...

i hate you 4 that...just kidding

sayang naman, wala me pasok
cge some other time nalang, we always have next time pa naman eh

sarap ng beer sayang talaga

Jez said...

@ely...oks n ung 500 pang gasolina. haha

@ice...yeah, next time.

Nanaybelen said...

nice naman..October fest. Nagkaroon din dito sa aming baranggay kayalang..i don't drink beer or any liquor. Ang saya, may 500 pa.

jiMboy said...

cool mug! I want something like that XD

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