Friday, September 5, 2008

confession of a girl

it's not a girl thing (is it?), but i once did sent letters & gifts to a guy i had crush on. (sabi nila dahil onli daughter ako at nag aral sa xclusiv school kaya malakas loob ko....kaya?)
i was in first year then when i had a first glance with this boy. he was sitting in our terrace with his friends, waiting for my brother.

his eyes, his smile, his face...everything in it records in my mind and keep on playing in my heart. mr. cupid must have tricked me.
i'll even pay extra money for the tricycle driver just to take the long drive and pass by their house. during afternoon, me and friendship would go biking, and yes, you guess it right, we will pass by in their house hoping to see him.
whenever we sees each other, he would smile at me. ohhhh!! those smile, those smile makes my heart melt. after his smile, he would then add "where is your kuya?" ganun palagi, but what a heck, what is important is he smiled and talked to me.

they said first love never dies. siguro nga.

huh, why am i writing this? actually, at this hour, im thinking if i should attend the oktoberfest (opening ata nila) tomorrow at ortigas. i have two vip tickets, whose goin with me?


Anonymous said...

can i go with you???

ako nalang hehehehe

btw i believe in first love never die and love at first sight

4 sure kikiligin ka pag makita mo sya..


live well
laugh often
enjoy life


Jez said...

ice,,,,sayang. may sobra pa naman akong 1 ticket...tsk...dapat tinawagan mo na lang ako...hahahah

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