Friday, September 26, 2008

apu's side comment

Last Saturday we celebrated the birthday of my apu toring (my mom’s mother) the only lola I have now. Gosh, I don’t even know how old she is. If my mom is 50, probably my lola is 73, im guessing.

Very seldom I go home to province, so very seldom has I seen her. And I only stay for one day for I have some work to do at the metro city. sometimes I sleep with her, my way of showing i care. I am no lola’s pet, neither her favorite but it doesn’t matter. She’s my only apu left, and I want to spend some time with her whenever I can.

Back to the celebration, as soon as I arrived, I make mano and kiss my lola, tita’s and tito’s, then at once I grabbed a plate, spoon and fork and headed to where the food is waiting for me. I was so hungry what can I say. When I was putting food to my plate, my lola then said “you should get a husband and bear a baby” (oh my! I don’t even remember why and how the topic starts). My tito’s 2nd the motion. Oh nononon….i said. Im still young (oh well, I am at heart!! Hahahahah) of course ill bear a baby. Does only married woman allows giving birth I asked. My lola answered, even if your single you can have a baby. Precisely, I said. I can have a child even if no husband, is that okay with you apu? My apu replied “ yes, its alright just bear a baby. Hahahah. That surprise me though. Well, atleast I wont have a problem explaining to them if ever ill be in that situation. Hahahaha.

They say im getting older, but no, im enjoying my status. Im no party girl, I don’t drink much, I don’t smoke too, I do love going to places and meeting new faces. I enjoy the time and freedom I have. Time will come, you’ll see, please wait. Im not in a rush. If it will com, it’ll come sabi nga. ANO BAHHH!!!!


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