Thursday, October 2, 2008

patience is a virtue

It’s holiday yesterday. So what do you expect? No, I didn’t go to work for overtime. Oh please, spare me your mercy…….!!!

I asked my friend to accompany me to home depot located at balintawak. Funny, it’s her first time to be in that place. But on the other hand, I haven’t also been to other places of metro city. I haven’t been to malabon and Paranaque. Considering, she’s from the southern part, yeah I guess it isn’t odd afterall.

We take pleasure in looking all kinds of brands uses at home, from tiles to vinyl, to wood, from faucet to mirrors. I love the feeling of buying all the stuffs and decorating your home. I get to exposed from the most expensive to the cheapest. What I hate is paying all the bills I purchased. Whhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

When we finished buying all the materials we need, I headed to the cashier present my credit card to pay. Then the cashier asks for my valid id at the same time pointed on the karatula saying something like “to all credit card holders, please present your valid id for verification. We are sorry for the inconveniences”. What!? I don’t have ID here, if you want I can present another credit card, atm card, a membership card but not (valid)ID. I don’t bring IDs. Wala namang magawa ang cashier, so instead she asked for any card I have. Hayyyyyy…inconvenience nga. After paying, we went to the releasing area where they would release what we had purchased. It took them awhile before they gave our stuff, medyo nainip na ang friend ko, so I told her, girl, patience is a virtue.


_ice_ said...

sisi musta na... tagal tagal na rin na di tayo nag uusap kaw kasi kung san san ka pumunta...

actually off ko kahapon nag ot me sayang 2400 din yon pang dagdag gasto sa bday ko nxt week na kasi heheheh..

nako ako pa naman madalaing mairita.. hahahaha... ingat lagi

onatdonuts said...

tama patience is indeed a virtue..hehehe

nakakatuwa no? holiday pala...wala akong kaalam-alam...di kasi uso sa amin ang holiday. kahit bumabagyo, may sakuna..pag kailangang pumasok..go lang ng go! hahaha

nice post. babay ;-)

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