Tuesday, October 21, 2008

donyang katulong

I woke up early
And I thought of cleaning the house. And I did.
After cleaning the house, lola, cousins and tita’s came in for a visit.
The house is a mess again. Few minutes later, they said bye bye.
So, I clean the house again.
When it’s clean, neighbors came in to help us hang the paintings.
Little cousins came in to play with prince.
The house is a mess again.
After they put the paintings in our wall, I asked my little cousins to
Help me clean the house.

o dibah! and this little cousins of mine are even wearing make up
i hope the DSWD and Bantay Bata wouldnt apprehend me. hehehe. they would be now my official donya katulong. hahahahha

when they finished cleaning up, pinakain ko ng


Ria said...

Aww love the last pic how cute is that lol

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