Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a conversation

Girl: I miss this converstion
Boy: if u mis d conversation den u must mis also d 1 u converse w/….
Girl: dont u mis me?
Boy: wat dyu tink?
Girl: you tell me. i tot u read minds
Boy: wat i read is not as accurate as wat u will tell me
Girl: why dont u try
Boy: what if I kissed u the night we went out, what would you have felt?
Girl: I don’t know what will I feel, you didn’t try it anyway
Boy: so, u want me to try?
Girl: it’s not important. That was long time ago
Boy: you’re avoiding the topic?
Girl. No, im answering your questions. Aren’t you satisfied
Boy: wen sumbody say's "it's not important" chances are it is important. you agree?
Girl: no. why they say it when they mean the other way
Boy: i don't know, you tell me?
Girl: it just makes things complicated if u mean the other way
Boy: yeah i guess your right.
Boy: i think sumhow u wer "kinda" expecting dat i'd take advantage.
Girl: i dont. harmless ka naman eh


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