Friday, October 10, 2008

if only

He steps out of our house and leave. I vividly remember how I hold my breath; I wanted to run, hoping to stop him. I wanted to shout his name and beg him not to leave me. Yet, I was contented on seeing him walking out of my life. I love him, but he did not hear any words from me. I love him, but I’m afraid to fight for the feeling. I love him buts and buts just prohibits me from telling it to him.

Each days passed by,
His presence and his voice I longed.
Memories I can’t escape.

Three years had passed. I did not hear anything from him. No calls, no messages, no news, no stories.

One day, as I was mingling with friends, I heard a familiar voice. A voice I could never, in my entire life, would even put behind. My heart then starts to beat fast. It couldn’t be him!? I silently asked myself. Nervous, I roam my eyes around and look back but I was disappointed to see no one. I probably missed him.

If only I reciprocate the feeling, could I be busy planning our wedding?
If only,
Now, it’s too late.
It’s too late.


_ice_ said...

yon nga ang masakit eh If only... sana ginawa na lang natin para malaman natin ang sagot..

ngayon ko lang napansin nag eemo ka sis..

im ok pumayat ako sobra..


Jez said...

nabasa ko kasi EMOkwento mo eh, kaya tuloy napa emo rin ako...hjeheheh...

really!? pumayat ka. atleast may positive na nangyari..heheh, but i hope healthy pa rin kahit payat ukie.

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