Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It’s only after I graduated from college that I appreciate riding a jeep. Why not? I mean, of course, I have no extra allowance for the taxi unlike during school days, everything is provided by my parents.

Riding a jeep gives me an opportunity to mingle with others. Somehow, I believe it helps me become a strong person. (sus, wala lang perang pang taxi, actually!)What I hate is riding a city bus. Duh! I had a funny experience with a city bus, ill tell you on my next post ang katangahan ko.

What I don’t understand on why some passengers prefer to be sabit than cozy inside
Like, awhile ago, three men rode the jeep. 2 of them went inside to be seated, while the one mama said “sabit na lang ako”. The driver and his collector (parang conductor nya) heard him, and they responds “may space pa para upuan mo, kung ayaw mong umupo bumaba kana lang”

Ang taray ni kuya! Sabagay may point sila. You are paying the same fare as that of others sitting comfortable inside why settle outside at sumabit, nakakangawit pa..


RonTuron said...

iba rin kasi yung thrill na makukuha mo sa pagsabit sabit. I personally would rather "sabit" than umupo kung masikip lang din. hehehe.. exciting kaya,

but of course women just dont seem to get that.. hehehe

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