Saturday, October 25, 2008

night in rodante

After work, ill meet my friend to give the documents I printed. While waiting for her, I decided to check on the décor section of the department store hoping to buy décor (obviously) in our house. After looking and checking their display, I decided not to buy any for I don’t want to have baggage carrying (haaayyyzzzz, ano bay an!).

I’ve read Nicholas Sparks writings. I’ve seen the movie versions also. That’s why when I saw the banner of Night in Rodante that stars Richard Gere, I immediately tagged my friend to watch the movie. Since my head ache also, I thought watching a movie might relax my mind and body.

I was bored at the first part of the story. And since it’s says “it’s never too late for second chance” I thought they were couple, husband and wife.

I knew it, when I saw Mark (son of Paul –R.Gere) at the doorstep. But what to do you expect with Nicholas Sparks novel, they are not happy ending. (oh yes, The Notebook and The Wedding ends happily).

Oh well, I was teary eye. “When you found your true love, you’ve got to hold on it. And it should bring the best of you not the less of you”

Hayyzzz, when will I be fall in love?


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