Monday, November 3, 2008

efficient calculator

Usually, our HR consultant sends any work related to my email. Lagi yun naka cc ako and always with attachment.

One day I received an email from him with a subject efficient calculator. I wonder on what it is all about. He didn’t call me regarding whatever that is. I open it and download the attachment anyway since I guess it was intended for me. Only when I open the email that I realized it wasn’t a normal business or office transaction.

1) Write your name in the yellow box

2) Write your age in the green box

3) Write your company's name in the red box

4) Write "Start" in the blue box and press "Enter"

I played the “game” anyway.
Answered each questions correctly.
And when I finished I press enter as it instructed me.

Nagulat naman ako sa result. Para akong sinisigawan na
Hoy, jez magtrabaho kana
Itigil mo ang paglalaro sa email kapag nasa opisina kana
Dito sa glc hindi ka binabayaran para maglaro lang.



3POINT8 said...

what does the last paragraph means?

man, so much suspense reading the whole post and I still don't get it at the end.

Jez said...

it means i was surprised with the result.
its as if my boss is telling me ( i mean yelling me)
"hey jez, you do your work. stop playing with your emails. here in glc we are paying you not to play" not playing, of cors im not. okei, okei....i do sometimes. but very a good girl....hehe..whatever

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