Monday, November 10, 2008


It’s a feeling of fulfillment when you share you’re blessings to a community in need of. I love kids, I have fond of teaching them abc and 123. When opportunity approaches me, I get excited to find myself spare time so I could mingle with them.

Their genuine smile and laughter and their innocent mind reminds you that life afterall is as lovely as the ray of light. Kids wants to feel that they are being cared, loved and that they are belonged to the family (community). A simple hug, kiss, touch coming from us would assure them that.

I remember way back when we visited GK site, I was with couple of kids while eating our lunch. I asked each of their names. I memorized, and recited their names while pointing to each kids. They all laugh and enjoyed. Then one by one other kids joined our group and raised their hands asking me to know their names too.

last sunday, we went to krus na ligas in diliman qc for our feeding program. here ill share you some of our pictures

that is me, teaching ericka and ealiza to pose for a pict

posing with jollibee!


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