Thursday, September 4, 2008

new moon has pls?

when i started reading new moon, i wanted to finish from page one to end. i dont wanna put down the book, because im as excited to now what had happened in the end. but need to replenish energy for the next working day. so i closed my eyes.

as much as i wanted to grasp bella and edwards affection, busy schedule makes it difficult for me to continue my reading. not until last sunday.

yes, last sunday. i found time to pay attention to the unconditional love story of a human and a vampire. i read it and finshied it!! yes, finally

now im on the next book.....mahaba habang kwentuhan na naman


_ice_ said...

buti ka pa mahilig sa books, di talaga me mahilig jan kakapagod mag basa kaya cguro ang bobo ko hehehe

have a great day

Jez said...

@ice...naghihilig hiligan lang. para hindi ma-freeze ang mind ko...ahahaha

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