Sunday, April 27, 2008

my sunday

i woke up at 9:30 in the morning...considering that i slept at 4:45am that morning.
the sounds of children gigling and playing woke me up.

at 2:30pm i went to the gym. work out my body for one hour then stayed at steam bath. i love staying inside of the steam bath room. wearing just only one piece suit makes my body comfortable while absorbing the heat and sweating out.
though the dry sauna is out of service so we were kinda crowded inside the steam bath room.

at 6:00pm i attended the sunday mass. sitting beside me is a guy. i didnt saw his face until the peace be with you on which i gave him a smile...ohwell,,,,in fairness he is cute. though im kinda disappointed because i saw him used the cellphone while hearing the mass

now, at 7:30 my officemate is giving me a message that she made her decision to accept the offer of a law firm. i just wish her luck and hoping she made a wise and smart move. sometimes we find things that we do not actually understand, but what we know is that we have to do it because one way or another its for our own growth.

we did not cook food for dinner so i just called jollibee to deliver us some chicken, spaghetti, burget and fries


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