Wednesday, April 15, 2009

in the silence of my heart

In the silence of my heart I'd listen to my spirit so freely.
It's when my eyes begin to see the old memories so visibly.
In the silence of my heart I could feel my soul so strongly.
In the strong sense of it I recognize the weaknesses of me.

In the silence of my heart stuffs have different meanings.
I'd then realize that I greet in contempt the better things.
In the silence of my heart I can always visit the younger me.
I could honestly tell the far distance between myself and me.

In the silence of my heart I can cry so loud like a tiny babe.
And taste the sweetness of freedom so desired by any slave.
In the silence of my heart on me power and wisdom fall down.
And it transforms my meekness and idiocy into blocks to step on.

In the silence of my heart my many failures would disturb me.
To understand that I am to do better and persistent I must be.
In the silence of my heart my big successes would humble me.
To accept that however the height I fly gravity would pull me.

In the silence of my heart I could rebuke and correct myself.
I can tell me sharp, hurtful words but never will I get upset.
In the silence of my heart I have envisioned the future me.
To meet him finally journey must begin now and so shall it be.

In the stillness of my mind faith overwhelms all my worries.
Be it tribulation or test, no burden is too heavy to carry.
In the quiet of myself unease and hubbub of life is uncovered.
It tells me to be inert at the right time shall effect better.

In the peace of my spirit there is nothing I can fret about.
In the worst of my circumstances seeds of solution will sprout.
In the silence of my heart I acknowledge my conflict with God.
So I am broken, to realize that in such silence nobody is so bad.

nilikha ng lalaking malapit sa aking puso....(naks naman, oisssttt baka isipin mo totoo kahit totoo huwag mo ng isiping totoo..toink!)
naalala lang kita, kaya ayun repost repost and drama ko weh..kung bakit kita naalala, eh akin na lang yun hahahahhaha,,,anyway nagpadala na ako ng mensahe sa ym mo....kahit saang lupalop gumagala ang kaluluwa mo, i-email kita, i y-ym kita kapag nababaliw na akohhhhhh..hehehhe


JEE said...

in the silence of my heart...wala lang! toinks! hmmm...mare (makiki mare na ako sayo ha? kase gusto ko tlga si snowy) sino ba ung guy? nakitsismis na ako weeehh!! lolz!

A-Z-E-L said...


baka naman para kay snowy yan..toinkz! ahahahaha!

eds said...

hehe mukhang lets paint the town red ang beauty mo ha.. tapos na ang february oy. hehe silence ka pa jan isigaw mo na jowk! :)

payatot said...

hija, sio ba yan ha? matagal na ata yan ay naaalala mo pa din sya..ibig sabihin nyan ay meron pa din...sige ingat na lang at ipagpatuloy ang pag aalala kong nagiging masaya ka naman doon...

Lord CM said...

Kaya pala masaya si snowy sa picture eh, para sa kanya pala yan lolzz

EǝʞsuǝJ said...

waw mareee...
nawala lang ako ng ilang minuto parang inlab ka na ah..hehehe...

who's the lucky guy? hmmm

Ruphael said...

Wow the silence of my heart..ito lang ang masasabi ko. Iba talaga pag-inlav..

The Pope said...

It's a beautiful poem, it seems that your in love, with Snowy? C'mon.

God bless.

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