Tuesday, November 24, 2009

i miss this

i miss my mom.
i miss her baked lasagna.
i miss her tinola.
i miss her touch.
seven years of not having her by my side...
many sleepless nights and only her voice could calm me..
then i'll be fine..
if God permit, I'll be seeing her next year..

i miss my snowy.
oopss, she's not a person though.
but i miss taking her to the vet...
i miss walking her to the park...
if only i have more spare time...
on monday is holiday, perhaps then...
if i permit, just like old times...

okei, i'm thinking of him..
but i don't miss him..
him, whose laugh linger on my mind..
could that be possible?

sometimes i just feel lonely
sometimes i just want to be
with someone who appreciates me


A-Z-E-L said...


so where's your mom?
she will be coming home or you will be travelling from home to her?

so how's snowy?

masyado bang occupied? wala ng time kay Snowy? pero ok lng un, basta dapat may time kay *insert name here*

ayus ka lang???

Jez said...

emo, yeah i guess..sometimes some things are running in my head that i myself could not comprehend or was it i dont want to comprehend?

i'll be travelling to her...

snowy is still as makulit at malantud..

sadly, feeling busy ako..heheh.
lately, its been really a whew!


im picking up the broken me...hahaha ang drama, aysus.parang hindi ko bagay..

mareeeeeeeeeeeee...na miss kitahhhh.

_ice_ said...

buti naman ako..

kaw musta?

dami ko kwento sayo hahaha
uuwi na me ng davao nagresign na me sa work..

ingat lagi sis..

saul krisna said...

teka emo ka ba? gagayahin na nga lang kita sa pagiging senti mo ate.... hehehehe okay lang yan... konting tiis....

EǝʞsuǝJ said...


meganung drama?

ok lang yan mare
lahat naman tayo dumadaan sa stage na yan

ang maging busy..

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