Wednesday, May 2, 2007


april 30, may 1

i went out to inhale a fresh air. just wanna unload this heavy feeling inside my heart, my mind.

april 30 - 9:30pm when we arrived to pampanga. we had a dinner at my tita glend's house. whhoaah!! nasira diet ko. chicharon, sugpo, crabs and my favorite dinuguan...gossshhhh!

may 1 - we got up at 10:00am. sarap daw tulog ko kanya hindi ako ginising. we went back to tita glend's house for our lunch. how could you resist the chicharon again, lenggua, menudo, lutong juice,....goodness.

all we did is to eat delicious food and play video games with our cousins. being with children makes you feel young and innocent again. no worries, no burdens. just a genuine laugh and happiness.

that night, we dine in a resto called "mely's" in san fernando. though i am from that province, yet it was my first time to seat in that place. its no cozy, yet the servings is first-rate. their buro is diffrent from the traditional buro in fish i used to eat. the sisig, whewww!very yummy. kapampangan....its their trademark, serving incomparable taste of mouth watering cuisine.

so nice to be a kapampangan.

my friend said that she now realized that kapampangan are very kind hearted, that not all of them are mayabang just like her impression before. (my dear friend, i am telling you, we are really mayabang in different aspect....your impression is still true )

9:30pm when we left san fernando, take note....we still need to drop by to bulacan and go back to manila...and were just taking the public transpo....


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